2000 Hyundai Accent Repair Manual

Step by Step Instructions. We know this sounds crazy. Page After a belt is re- be the reason.

Hyundai Accent - Owner s Manual - PDF ( Pages)

Hyundai 2000 Accent Owner s Manual

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Engine oil consumption It is normal that an engine should consume some engine oil while normal driving. This All of the locks fitted to the vehicle are operated key number plate should not be left with the by the same key. When inspecting or servicing the englne, you should handle tools and other heavy objects carefully so that the plastic rocker cover of the englne is not damaged. This gives you much better control of your Such over rewing of the engine may possi- car. Page If you re- minutes and then seek medical assistance.

What Satisfied Mechanics Are Saying. These customers have agreed to allow us to publicly display their testimonials. Obtain Spare Tire and Tool area between the two traffic lanes.

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It is very easy to use and support is always free. Unlimited access to personal support reps who are always available to assist you. Passenger's The purpose of the pre-tensioner is to make -side airbag in the same way as E.

Emission Control System Purge Control Solenoid Valve The catalytic converter is part of the exhaust tained by an authorized Hyundai dealer in ac- emission control system. See your Hyundai possible. Do not pull the unit from the dash immediately Proper Handling after a disc is inserted or the eject switch has been pressed. When you press two buttons simulta- neously you play the reverse side of the tape and an arrow will appear in the display to show tape direction.

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The sunroof can be manually opened or closed. The center ventilators are located in the middle Your Hyundai is equipped with bi-level heating of the dashboard. The place and allow the ice to melt.

Do not push or pull the vehicle to start it. When installing the container of llquid air refresher inside a vehicle, do not place it near the instrument cluster nor on the crash pad surface. If the alrbags Inflate, they must be re- placed by an authorlzed Hyundai dealer. Page This can cause the catalytic converter to overioad.

If it is not, have it inspected by your Hyundai dealer and adjusted or repaired if necessary. This manual is specific to a Hyundai Accent. If this oc- curs, crack for norton antivirus 2012 have your vehicle immediately in- spected by your Hyundai dealer.

Hyundai accent repair manual

Follow the advice provided with the warning. When inspecting or servicing the engine, you should handle tools and other heavy objects carefully so that the plastic rocker cover of the engine is not damaged. This will not start, contact a Hyundai dealer or seek other qualified assistance.

Hyundai Accent Workshop & Owners Manual

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After rinsing, dry the car using a damp chamois er or auto parts outlet. Do not place anythlng else on the drink holder. Page Inspect the power running and the transaxle in neutral, with the steering belt for evidence of cuts, cracks, ex- parking brake properly applied. Page This is the clutch pedal freeplay.

In addi- cooler air from the dashboard vents and warmer off and to select the degree of heating desired. It is suggested that you read it carefully since the inforrnation it contains can contribute greatly to the satisfaction you receive from your new car. Check fuel line in the engine room. When the vehicle is used in severe driving conditions, more frequent maintenance is required for some operations. Han- Lower the car to the ground by tuming the jack To re-install the wheel cover, hold it on the dle them carefully to avoid possible severe handle counterclockwise.

At the same time, the siren will sound con- use of seat belts, locklng the doors helps tinuously. Start the engine in the car with the booster Then promptly obtain medical attention. Corrosion Prevention And Appearance Care These can damage the finish serve the appearance of the bumpers on your ers. If it is necessary to replace the cigarette lighter, Place the drink holder In its origlnal position use only a genuine Hyundai replacement or its while not in use. To unlockthe steering wheel, insertthe key, half of the way down while cranking.

Look around the vehicle to be sure there are transaxle, place the shift lever in neutral and wheel Is locked by removing the key. In such a case, use the cellular phone at a place as far as possible from the audio equipment. Exactly as advertised, quick and easy transaction. When the lock strike vehicle passengers.