A girl guide to dating a geek, a girl s guide to dating a geek by omi m. inouye

It is a superb, subtle reminder of how to treat other people. Learn how to meet people in the real world and connect off-line for a change. When Smith provides information, he does not just list items and bullet points. Don't worry, it works so well. Now, I may not have known all of the references because the geeksphere is so huge but there were more than enough points where I was seriously giggling.

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She completely debas My boyfriend bought this for me from ThinkGeek after many dropped hints. Because she is a geek girl, she is on the internet. As a geek myself, I can't wait to get my hands on this book! For example the color wheel paragraph Wardrobe from Newton has not the purpose of complementary colors.

For geeks, it can be downright impossible. These are things that are a bit more specific to the geek community and it was good to see them discussed. Yes, I agree that it is an issue, but there is a section that addresses the female geek, what does and the book doesn't deny that they exist. You want to look like you haven't put any thought into it but make sure you have. Those are far more entertaining than a book that is basically one long insult.

There is quite a bit in here about how to deal with both online and in person forms of dating. If I mention I read comics, the assumption is usually that it's either Wonder Woman or manga love stories. View the discussion thread.

Anyway, what better person to pen a book of dating advice by a geek for a geek? Enter in the rafflecopter below. It was to show the blending of colors and the spectrum of a rainbow. This is mostly because they are well-read and your geek girl trusts you and she thinks relationships should be fun but you, my friend, are not her first relationship.

First off, what is a geek girl? The downside to having a geek girl smarter than you is she has figured out your weaknesses and can make you cry. Now you should feel you have the basic rules to finding your geek girl and keeping them interested. Enter The Geek's Guide to Dating.

Girl Guide to Geeks

The color theory states that artists such as Boulet or Goethe brought the conclusion from the light spectrum to the complementary colors. This is the first non-fiction novel I've ever read and I can say that this is a great one. The text is laced with a constant stream of game and comic-inspired metaphors. This list is by no means comprehensive.

You'll dig it, hook up buddy to relationship I just know it. Even if you are not looking for someone. Open Preview See a Problem? So many giggles to be had guys. The whole book was entertaining to me.

We're raising a Portal-obsessed mini geek. This dating guide is laid out like a gaming manual, which is really clever. Turn it into a sequel and have it in a females perspective. Be the first to ask a question about The Geek's Guide to Dating. You might just learn something too.

See a Problem

  • Seriously pick this book up, for the men in your life.
  • The nerd who loves to read, has tattoos and would punch your face in at the drop of a line.
  • Geek girls don't hang out in Yahoo chat rooms so kick this twink to the curb.

Or the Geek Boy and what he should do with having stumbled on to the rampantly more obvious in the day and age Geek Girl, and how to date her. It is really done in a clever way and I loved trying to find all the geeky references as I read it. She had a life before she met you.

A Girl s Guide to Dating a Geek Book

A Girl s Guide to Dating a Geek

A Girl s Guide to Dating a Geek by Omi M. Inouye

The Geek's Guide to Dating is thorough and funny without ever being condescending or smarmy. This isnt a work of fiction, its more of a self help guide intended toward males but insightful to females. By doing so, the author makes dating relatable to everyone.

The art work in the book is fun too. We know you want to get one or perhaps a special someone and here are the steps you need to take. Yes, you can meet someone online and you can show care and love online but the things that really matter in a relationship are best done in person or at least on the phone in a conversation.

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This was a short but highly entertaining read, containing descriptions of categories of the specific geeks that exist. As such I am definitely not the target audience female and married, free 100 yes the geek part applies though. Overall this was a fun read and I thought it provided a lot of sound advice.

Usually with these niche books I skim them and read what's interests me. We both read it and both quite enjoyed it! Find out just how geeky he is in The Geek Test. But Overall, this book is great and I highly recommend to geek lovers all around. Eric Smith is an author, blogger, and literary agent from New Jersey.

Let's face it, sometimes we get tired of dating models. As of the time of this posting, I still have not read this book. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. It even gives you tips on where to meet people, geeky and on, and how to get to the point of asking that person out.

The Geek s Guide to Dating by Eric Smith

Geeks are never exclusive. But it's a bad idea to say it. My feminine sensibilities do not make me immediately adverse to Star Wars bedsheets. So yeah, there might not be mindblowing theories that transform you into a successful dating bot, but it's realistic and honest in an extremely comforting way. Whatever you decide upon, tailor it to the individual and think about what they would like, rather than your personal preferences.

You can learn more about his books, and his authors, on his official website. Open with something memorable. Yet, the reason why I'm willing to forgive this book is because it offers a website where other issues have the potential to be covered. Maybe even specifically the one born in the eighties and raised in the ninty's. You still have to dress the part.

A girl guide to dating a geek

Although I did not know every popular culture reference that Smith made, he made it understandable for his readers. Most of the advice is stuff I've intuited, though maybe if someone had given me this book a decade or two ago, top dating apps in it would've saved me some grief. You're only human unlike the protagonists of the Twilight box set you're casting your judgey glance on. So I cringed over such wrongly delivered informations.

Well, I guess I am a geek in my own right. You keep your action figures in their original packaging. Although I am a geek, I am married and a female. But I was completely wrong. There are many conversation scenarios laid out about what to say and not say.

How to Date a Geek Girl The Guide

A girl guide to dating a geek
  1. Even the ghost looking over my shoulder was clueless.
  2. If anything, The Geek's Guide To Dating makes me proud to embrace my geek identity - and anxious to find the kind of geeky guy who's following this advice.
  3. Smith uses a ton of inside references and at times it felt like he was just using them to use them.
  4. Science has no answer for that.
  5. Although I am not a man to whom this book is targeted, I feel quite confident in my geek-dom and approached this book eager to read about geek-dating from a male perspective.
  6. Jeans that fit and a shirt are all you need for hanging out.

A Girl s Guide to Dating a Geek Book

The Geek s Guide to Dating
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