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Shivaraj is not aware that Aishwarya is in love with him but Aishwarya declares to Shruthi that she is in love with Shivaraj that surprises her. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He also kills the criminal with the help of a few men. The movie starts with Arasu Sarathukumar murdering a person in Mumbai and soon the story shifts to Kumbakonam where Arasu is employed in a temple by Venu Shastri Delhi Ganesh.

Shivaraj is liked immensely by Aishwarya in this one month. Sabapathy Sai Kumar is a rich business tycoon who goes to any extent for earning money. It was remade in Kannada as Indra with Darshan reprising the dual roles played by Kumar. He finds a place to live in the small room of Aishwarya. He owes a lot for Sruthi for her remark that has changed his life style and he is extremely happy with Aishwarya for supporting him in knowing the hard realities in life.

Periyavar is a good natured don striving hard for the welfare of the poor and slum dwellers in Chennai. Shivaraj sleeps on the floor and his wonderful behavior and lot of help for the people in his colony gives him a comfortable standing.

Everyone in Kumbakonam gets shocked knowing that Arasu is a murderer. Jaishankar Production company. Arasu Theatrical film poster.

Not knowing what to do the intelligent Shivaraj takes a bold step. This is where the audience also get baffled. He finds an old lady selling bananas. Despite all the attempts by police to arrest Arasu, he successfully kills Sabapathy and surrenders to police.

Arasu Film Film Song

In the end, he comes to meet Meera and both get united. Both Sruthi and Aishwarya get deceived with the tactics of Shivaraj. The muscle power of Shivaraj when the rowdies attack her earns good name. Without revealing his decision he convinces both for the marriage with two of his good friends Darshn and Aditya.

Tamil-language films films Indian films Tamil films remade in other languages s Tamil-language films Tamil film scores by Mani Sharma Films about revenge Films featuring an item number. He repeats the same and eats two bananas and promises Rs. Sruthi and Aishwarya are of course very good friends. Once in India, Aras finds it hard to adjust to the mediocre life led by people. Puneeth Rajkumar Meera Jasmine Ramya.

One day, Arasu sees the news about the release of a criminal from jail and gets angered. At this stage he finds an ordinary girl Aishwarya Meera Jasmine. The hotelier feels that he has lost mental balance.

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Arasu is angered and vows revenge against Sabapathy and his men. Arasu is a Indian Kannada-language film directed by Mahesh Babu.

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Arasu Kingdom is an Indian Tamil action masala film starring R. This film was declared as a Super-Hit in the box office. Now the phase three of the film after the interval! Most of the shooting took place at Kumbakonam, lenovo smartphone pc suite in and around the temple areas.

Aishwarya turns very sympathetic and Shivaraj decides to stay in the house for one month. Close-up shots of the fight scene was shot again in Chennai Studio where a set resembling the market place was erected.

He keeps on telling that he would give in excess of what he takes to fill his hunger initially. Now Sruthi decides to give up his love for the sake of her friend Aishwarya. Now on streets without a single penny in his pocket Shivaraj struggles hard.

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This startles Aras who takes up the challenge quitting the company and goes in search of a job. The film was directed by Suresh.

Other locations were Mumbai and Kolkata. Redirected from Arasu kannada film.

On the other hand, Aishwarya knowing that Sruthi is ready for marriage with Shivaraj also comes forward for sacrifice of her love. Five cameras were used and it took ten days to shoot the fight scene. Shivaraj also gets a job as a sales representative in the saree shop where Aishwarya is working. Two good friends Darshan and Aditya have taken acceptance to find a girl for Shivaraj. The scene choreographed by Peter Hayen and canned by cinematographer Y.

On the other hand, Sruthi is also in love with Shivaraj and ready to marry him. Murali, was shot amidst a large crowd including the hero, some stuntmen, character artistes and the locals. The score and soundtrack was composed by Mani Sharma.