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The idea of the show was brought to Jiangsu Television by veteran television producer Wang Peijie, who worked in collaboration with Columbia University-educated Xing Wenning. One guy was rejected by all of the women for coming on the show simply to show off his expensive sports car. Government authorities also added a psychology teacher as another host to ensure that things wouldn't veer too far off track.

  • Meng Fei continued to be the host of the revised format of the show.
  • He directed a documentary film about human trafficking in China.
  • If it has been revealed that both finalists had their lights off, the man leaves the stage alone.
  • The girls in the observation group may use their thermometers to measure their interest in the single man.

On this famous dating show out of Shanghai, sixteen lovely ladies are introduced to one bachelor. Male contestants were often asked to show bank statements or material possessions to the ladies. The show is viewed internationally over the internet and satellite television. The man puts to the finalists a question that he chooses from a set menu of queries.

He was relatively unknown when the show first aired but has now become a household name. She too is invited onto the stage if not already there as a finalist. In the end, the guy will either choose a girl or elect to depart alone. Episodes are also widely distributed online. If any ladies remain, hookup definition webster the guy can make his choice.

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There can end up being a few girls in the final round, where the guy will ask a series of questions and try to narrow it down to one. He can confess to his favorite girl, choose the one still left standing, or simply walk home empty-handed. Both controversial contestants were some of the most-talked-about people in Chinese entertainment. If his preferred girl had turned off her light, adults the man leaves the stage alone. If You Are the One game show.

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There are plenty of other funny stories from people who have appeared on these dating shows. You must click the link in the email to verify your request. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If You Are the One experienced great popularity in its first broadcast because of its unique approach to dating and the conversations that are often humorous with friendly insults.

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After that, he can choose to date one of them or make an offer to date whatever girl he chose at the beginning, even if she turned her light off. This is followed by the host revealing separately whether the finalists had kept their light on for the single man during the round. She may accept him as her date and depart with him, or reject him and return to her podium. To begin, a few short videos are shown to introduce the guy. Moreover, the original reel of the show must undergo heavy editing before airing depending on length and number of contestants present.

The contestants, psychologists and host frequently exchange banter with each other when video clips aren't being shown. Why focus on vocab when learning a foreign language? The gameplay of the special episodes was the same as the normal episodes. Sasha is an English teacher, writer, photographer, and videographer from the great state of Michigan. Matched couples are also awarded a cruise to Japan.

Thus, there can end up being two, three or four women on the stage as finalists. If the man elects to take one of the finalists who had shown interest in him i. Ugly, or otherwise unappealing, guys are often rejected by most or all of the women quite quickly.

During this phase several contestants earned notoriety and became internet sensations. If the two finalists are not chosen i. After a short introduction, he will give a short performance to show off one of his talents.

International Journal of Cultural Studies. Finally, gale and randy he will voice his requirements for a girlfriend. Twenty-four women stand in an arc on stage and are greeted by a single man.

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If the single man had chosen to keep the initial two finalists selected during the final questions round, the host asks the single man to choose a preferred finalist to take. If it is revealed that one or both finalists had kept their light on for the man, it is up to the man to choose whether to leave with one of the finalists. As you can imagine, this is quite nerve-wracking for the guy or girl competing. The producers generally choose men who are interesting in one way or another, and the often frank and humorous banter between these guests and host Meng Fei is quite amusing. There have been three different male contestants who have lost the show in the beginning when the female contestants first study the male.

If You Are the One ( game show)

  1. The single man uses a total of two video clips to reveal some personal information such as occupation, interests and love history.
  2. Twenty-four women stand in an arc, each behind a podium with a light that they initially turn on.
  3. If his preferred girl from the final two had kept her light on, the single man leaves with the girl.
  4. The contestants, guests and host frequently exchange banter with each other when video clips aren't being shown.
Chinese Dating Game Shows

If the favourite girl is not one of the two finalists, she will walk down the catwalk to a swing beat. For the film of the same title, see If You Are the One. The women strut down the runway to the large screen, and are not able to see the single man while he is selecting his groups on a tablet. However, dating websites for ladies this is considered a risky move as she may still reject his offer.

Outside China, the show is also broadcast with subtitles in Australia. Since then, Fei Cheng Wu Rao has been tamer, but that hasn't curbed its popularity much as it remains China's top dating game show. Charlie Custer is a writer, editor, and video producer focusing on China. Chinese Dating with the Parents Dating with the Parents. Since I talked about online dating in the last post, I figured I might as well jump into the wild world of Chinese dating game shows today.

Top 20 glamorous If You Are the One girls

More or less immediately, the man picks one of them in secret that appeals to him. At any point, if a woman decides she's not interested in him, she can turn off the light on her podium which triggers a heart-sinking electronic pulse sound to communicate her rejection. Following that, he can put to the finalists an original question of his own.

If You Are The One
If you are the one china dating show

He and his wife run the travel blog Grateful Gypsies, and they're currently trying the digital nomad lifestyle across Latin America. People's Republic of China. The second selected woman is then asked to join the other finalist on the gold podiums.

If You Are The One

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When the finalists are selected, the song New Thang by Redfoo plays. The selected woman is then asked to proceed to the gold finalist podiums. The moms can participate in the questioning and their disapproval can see their son or daughter disqualified from the round.

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