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However, it is clear that Pam wants to see her niece happily married. The decision was made that Brian should die. Deirdre decided to jump off a bridge, but was distracted when a passer-by asked for directions. Nail my skull to its forecastle.

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Initially, Todd and Summer were both set to return at some point after the New Year, but Langley's sacking threw those storyline plans into uncertainty. He was also by far the more unbalanced and violent of the Kray Twins. Pam also attends Jack's christening and later comforts Molly when she tells Pam that she is still in love with Kevin but he is not interested anymore.

Coronation Street producer Bill Podmore sacked Adamson when it was revealed he had sold his memoirs after the previous warning. Many, including Coronation Street writer H. After informing Ken that he would have to extend the job, Ken snaps with mounting pressure from his family, raging that Phelan is untrustworthy following the Calcutta Street development scam. Dejected and with a shattered hubris, Mike drove away from the Street. With Josh still on the street, dating a secure woman David struggles to deal with the shame of what has happened to him.

Punjab is on the northwest border of India. The production team felt the storyline too closely reflected the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Portugal which was ongoing simultaneously. Ken coldly manipulated Sinead into aborting the baby to help Daniel, while also insulting his late wife Deirdre, overheard by Deirdre's daughter Tracy and granddaughter Amy. This caused Ofcom to view more upcoming scenes of the storyline, and they gave them the all clear.

Tony shoots dead Robbie, and Maria accidentally intrudes on the proceedings. Tony appeared, taking the tape off Carla's mouth allowing her to speak, while announcing his plans to murder them. The storyline followed Tony escaping from prison with his accomplice, former cellmate Robbie Sloan James Fleet.

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At that time, she had an epiphany and told Ray what had transpired. Phelan had been doing a conversion job in Ken's kitchen for some weeks prior to Ken being pushed. When Sinead is forced to tell Daniel the truth, he breaks up with Sinead, so she gets excessively drunk and is seen banging on Ken's door to angrily confront him before Ken is attacked. After the breakdown of his marriage to Gail, Brian started spending his evenings going to discos and meeting up with various women.

The storyline was not announced until after the episode where Ken was attacked was broadcast. But either way, the surname of Andy May clearly comes from that usage. Her sacking was so controversial that fellow actress Violet Carson Ena Sharples threatened to quit, but she was eventually persuaded not to. Robbie tricks Carla into thinking he is a businessman and going into the factory alone with him. After continuously refusing to help Tracy out financially, Ken apparently confirms Tracy's paranoia by not attending Amy's violin concert.

He then left her tied to a chair and gagged with duct tape while he lured Hayley into the factory too. After his girlfriend Sinead aborts his unborn baby, Daniel realises that Ken manipulated her into doing so, in order for Daniel to go to Oxford and to fulfil one of his wishes. The scriptwriters have turned me into Ernie Bishop.

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So that, in effect, he's a man with a serious case of Short Leg Syndrome? Robbie then held Carla at gunpoint and forced her to evacuate the factory premises.

Ed confessed to Emily that he was one of the men involved in the armed robbery, and that he had shot and killed her husband. This usage appears in the contemporaneous Anthony Buckeridge series of Jennings books.

All four endings were filmed but only one was chosen to be shown. Actually he shoots one guy. All endings of characters pushing Tina off the balcony were posted on the programme's YouTube channel. His degraded physical state may be the source of his current degraded employment state. He molested her, but she managed to run home.

It is Barbara Windsor who had a very brief liaison with the man standing next to her, Sid James. Hedges, who looks as though he may have succumbed to Sharon's wiles, has been spotted by his colleague Mr Price who is smoking a cigarette on the top deck of the bus.

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He died as a result of his injuries. Tracy is seen looking guilty outside the florist when the attack took place. Langley's sacking came at an unfortunate time.

It's actually something that goes on in prisons, usually to teach someone a lesson. This is the first of the scenes with numerous passers-by who, presumably, are meant to be recognized as someone.

Eventually, her thoughts turned to suicide. The public were outraged to hear of Sheila's suicide. But Punjabi and Gujarati are different languages from different parts of India. In order to gain his freedom, Andy was instructed to shoot and kill Vinny in an abandoned mill.

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By the end of the episode, it was shown that Rob was Tina's murderer, after pushing her from the balcony unintentionally following an argument. Hancock objected to the cast payment system, and threatened to quit the show to safeguard his principles. Eventually, Deirdre began to have doubts about staying with Mike Baldwin. Roy could not come to terms with Hayley's decision, and eventually lied to her that he was fine about her killing herself. The polls changed after Pat Phelan was cleared and found to be innocent, and Amy Barlow became a suspect.

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Amy was due to perform at a violin concert on the night of the attack, but went missing after she refused to participate. With British comedy films in mind, I imagine the seated gentleman with the cigarette holder is Terry Thomas, star of a number of films on both sides of the Atlantic through the fifties and sixties. After nearly turning to alcohol, Peter summarises that Ken is always at the heart of his problems, and tells Ken that he is dead to him before the attack. And there are numerous parallels to the band The Rolling Stones in this book. Flowers is an East London crimelord.

This is a big storyline for Jack and everyone is determined to get it right. However, over the following weeks, she slowly supports Molly and starts a grudge against Kevin, originally defending him. The episode was one of the highest-rated in Corrie's history. In Rose's line of reasoning, Deirdre would strongly believe that Ken was neglecting her, and that being with Mike would make her feel alive. He would approach the unwary and try to sell them copies of his poems on pieces of grubby paper.