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The game also has a multiplayer mode, but it is the campaign mode which makes it stand out. Help answer questions Learn more. Once your directory is set, you can start the server install process. Best Bluetooth Earphones Under Rs.

This story, along with an interactive gameplay makes this iteration one of the best ones out there. Enter the following command to begin downloading the server files. Mail will not be published required. Did this article help you?

The Bans tab allows you to view all of the players that have been banned from your server. Perhaps the highlight of this game is the artificial intelligence which controls it. The main mode of this game is crime.

Counter-Strike Games

This game is another fantastic shooter game, which combines the first-person genre with the role-playing one. The game focuses a lot on story this time around, with an impressive gameplay to back it up. For instance, using cranes to manoeuvre, or jumping wall to wall. In this game, you are thrown into battle, reliving the fates of the soldiers who fought in this war. Similarly, herds of zombies can come from anywhere to ambush the player and make the gameplay harder if the player is getting by too easily.

The atmosphere consists of a vivid wasteland, where everything can be interacted with. You can make adjustments to the server without restarting it. Just make sure you have the corresponding dedicates server for the clients.

The Console tab will allow you to input commands to the server such as immediate level changes. The game is set on Mars, with the objective being to kill the demons with barely the amount of ammo required. Open the command prompt and navigate to the dedicated server folder. Contact us Advertise About Us. Having said that, there are games which have taken inspiration from it and have become the shooter games that they are today.

Half-Life Dedicated Server is provided free, even if there are no Half-Life purchases on the account. Run the Dedicated Server program. Select the Connections tab. Source as long as it is installed. Then you should try some fun-maps!

20 Best Games Like Counter Strike You Can Play

Regardless of each mode, the gameplay is a treat. Create your dedicated server directory.

20 Best Games Like Counter Strike You Can Play

Open Steam and right-click on the icon in the system tray. Creating chaos and shooting these monsters, indeed make up for a fun game. The game has you play along with multiple part quests, with a well-thought plot which binds the entire game together. Use the Map menu to select the starting map. With each of these maps comes equally unique obstacles, which require a well-thought game-plan to win.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

If all the team members cooperate, the game becomes even more fun to play, with intense and raging gun battles. The game even allows riding in tanks and jets to attack from the land or sky. Source Ask a Question Related Articles. Evolve Evolve is a multiplayer monster hunting game set on a planet called Shear. The gameplay is fast and fun with the focus being killing and slaughtering anyone in your way.

Unlike traditional shooter games like Counter Strike, this game broadens the traditional skill set. Counter-Strike is a team-based multiplayer game, ezonics software where two teams compete against each other. Or why Counter-Strike sucks and what games you prefere instead!

You do not need to add any games to this account, the game files are not necessary to run the server. You can select from a list of Half-Life games. But one of my friend is not having an internet connection. The game features an extremely well-thought story with mesmerizing visuals and dialogues. There are a lot of Bluetooth earphones out there, and there are a lot of brands making Bluetooth earphones.

20 Best Games Like Counter Strike You Can PlayThe best version of Counter Strike so far

The player is expected to combine the different skills acquired to beat several different courses. For example, if a player is stuck somewhere, the director can change the path to make it easier. Once your download is finished and you have control of the command prompt, type Quit to exit the Steam download servers. Once the server is running, the server configuration window will open. Cookies make wikiHow better.

The Players tab will show all of the players currently connected to the server. Edit your server information.

Things like narratives, the loot, the fluidity were all parts that were improved in this sequel. This game also introduced the spec ops mode which is a co-op mode. The game could not have been this good without its attention to detail.

The game offers an open world setting and allows you to explore the mysterious flying city, as you are trying to find the woman captured and kept here. Install Half-Life Dedicated Server. The game picks up from exactly where the first one left off, so we suggest to give the first Half-Life a whirl too. Just make sure you download the old dedicated server and install the old Counter Strike game. The multiplayer part focuses on a four versus one style gameplay, with four players being hunters, and the one being a monster.

You can expect to be anywhere from Japanese gardens to urban cities, with the transition making sense rather than it being abrupt. It also has a well made multiplayer mode with different Titans to use and fight against.

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