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  • That is not the serial number.
  • There is no serial number on it anywhere.
  • This feature gave the gun a solid receiver that protected it from the elements and prevented twigs or other debris from getting into the action.

Ithaca likes to make it clear that every part is made and assembled in the U. No, new york hook up create an account now. Here are some of the best to get the red-hot round dead on target.

A Look Back at the Ithaca Model 37 Shotgun

Image optimization Image size optimization can help to speed up a website loading time. Ithaca once again pushed back its plans for a pump gun. Since the guns were not made for the U.

Information About Us Contact Us. This is not always a good thing, especially with an inexperienced shooter. They were shipped to the U. Many sporting arms ceased production entirely during the same period. Since shotshells load and eject from the bottom, are daniel operation of the gun is equally convenient for both right and left hand shooters.

Ithaca Model 37 Ultra Featherlight

The serial number is found below this number. Who ever gave you that first answer is Wrong! Search tags for this page.

Comb and length dimensions differ for the various models, and if specific measurements are needed, the Ithaca Custom Shop will provide. Ithaca Gun Company Industrias Marcati. Ithaca soon established itself as a major player in the firearms history.

Dating an Ithaca

Firing the gun by pulling the trigger releases the fore-end slide so it can be pulled to the rear to eject the spent shell and then pushed forward to quickly load another round into the chamber. According to the serial number, you have a Crass model gun. At one time, there were predictions that the autoloader would someday replace the pump gun. Ithaca Firearms Microsoft Windows. Ithaca added a disconnector in after prodding from corporate lawyers.

The Upper Sandusky's are pricey, but well made and the shortest, slickest pump action out there. In fact, the total size of Thaisimtopup. They may not truly trust a semi-auto and are comforted by the simplicity of a pump. No serial number - no answer.

What is the date of manufacture of an Ithaca Model 37 serial number

Recently members have been receiving an email about confirming their account. They were plain-barrel riot guns and were not equipped with bayonet adapters, but they were fitted with sling swivels. The Ithacas are great guns but I hear the new ones have very heavy barrels, unlike the older ones. He worked his way up to become president of the company and later was mayor of the city of Ithaca, New York. Its most notable feature is that it is loaded and ejects through a common port located on the underside of the receiver.

This article needs additional citations for verification. My only real concern is that this gun will spoil me with its weight. Ratings of similarly popular websites. Bruce did you sell your Ultra Light? Today it is based in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, what do i need to and prides itself as a gunmaker still building every part of its guns in the United States.

The link below will take you to a good summary of serial numbers for Ithaca shotguns, you may be able to find your model and date there-. The gauge guns are built on a smaller receiver, which gives the model the easy handling and trim appearance one would expect for the gauge. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

This rare variation is very popular with collectors. Its popularity is widespread with all types of shooters and for any shotgunning applications, including hunting, competitive shooting, self-defense, law enforcement and the military. How old is a Ithaca sxs serial?

The was caught between two eras in firearms history, the end of black powder and the beginning of smokeless powder. After loading the shells into the magazine and pressing the slide release located in the forward part of the trigger guard, rack the slide and push it forward, best dating profile headlines loading the chamber. He had patented a pump shotgun in that was somewhat radical because its ejection and loading port was located beneath the receiver.

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There are several different types of semi-auto actions, but all have a more complicated operating system that can be more troublesome than a pump. It was made in several variations, including a riot-gun model with a inch barrel that became popular with many law enforcement agencies. Too, southpaws appreciated not having smoking empty hulls flung across their faces, as was the case with other magazine-fed shotguns. That is a phone number, not a serial number.

Hunting Shotgun Firearm


  1. Shotguns were often employed, particularly by Confederate cavalrymen, during the American Civil War.
  2. They were mechanically identical to the guns previously made for the South Vietnamese government but were not equipped with sling swivels.
  3. Can't wait to hit the thickets with it over the holiday.
  4. Other than the name change, it was the same gun.
  5. Our system also found out that Thaisimtopup.

The pump, or slide-action, can do any job well. One exception was a later U. We can't tell from a serial number alone. BillyG I'd love to see a picture of your grip cap if at all possible. The Lefever Nitro Special was made by Ithaca.

Ithaca Stocks/Itaca stocks

Likewise, shotguns accompanied troops during the Western Expansion from the late s through the s. They tend to be heavier and are not as easy handling in the field. Smith, continued to run the company.

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