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In this example we only have just the one volume group, but you may have more so you need to check. Both are shown below for completeness, however you only need to run one. Restart the system once completed. As there is the potential for this to happen if you enter the command incorrectly, it is strongly recommended that you have a full backup of your data before proceeding.

Reduce this to the size that you want the volume to be, as specified by the -L flag. For non-root volumes the file system must first be unmounted so that you can shrink the volume. If this was a non-root volume and you unmounted it to complete the reduction, simply mount it back.

Press w to write the changes. We have just added one pv and its totally free.

If you do not have any or enough free space in the volume group, you will first need to expand the volume group to complete the resize. The -f flag makes the check run even if the file system appears clean, while -y assumes yes to all questions and will respond if asked to fix a problem.

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We can run the below lvdisplay command shown below to check that the extend completed as expected. Choose primary partition use p. This is sometimes referred to as the partition, how does tinder dating site work it sits within a volume group and has a file system written to it. Use p to print the create partition here we have not used the option. So first we are going to add one physical volume.

This is made up of at least one or more physical volumes. First the file system was checked, then reduced.

This is a required step as resizing a file system in a bad state could cause data corruption. The command may differ depending on the type of file system you are using. It is strongly recommended to have a backup before attempting this to avoid data loss through mistakes.