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Because the stick was now used, the area under the stick in the neck pocket does not have any paint. Also on Strats, sometimes the jackplate nail hole can be located just inside the pickguard mounting screw closest to the jackplate. Also note on Strats, sometimes the jackplate nail hole can be located just inside the pickguard mounting screw closest to the jackplate.

This was purely a manual job, so this is just an approximation of location. This changed by May to having the yellow center of the sunburst sprayed, giving a more vibrant sunburst finish. This could change an original blue finish to a green.

Simon did a fantastic job on electric and covered me very well. This allowed the guitar to be stripped and sanded without losing it's ownership. After drying, the sunburst procedure is continued by spraying the translucent red starting in and dark blackish-brown on the edges of the body, which completes the sunburst look. On Strats, the treble horn nail hole is the one often not found. Inorganic pigments are derived from various metallic ores.

This simplified the production process, and made Fender quick to react to market demands for Sunburst or custom colored bodies. Yet if Fender did the unsoldering and re-soldering of the wiring at the factory, it could look pretty convincing as original. In the Fender production shop, it all depends on where the custom color order fell in the production schedule. Note that even though Fender was now spraying the yellow after the Fullerplast, o c d dating site they still continued to stain or dye the bodies yellow before the sealer coat.

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Next the Alder body is sealed with a very thin coat of clear sealer i. It was probably just a series of bad paint mistakes. Next, were some samples of electrics. Though I greatly appreciate this current research on custom colors, I feel they may have created some general confusion as to what color is what.

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For this reason I have doubts about the originality of this finish. It is also applied very thin. Therefore most custom color bodies have a yellow stained body too. He didn't think much of it. Same May Strat, and the tremolo nail hole.

Why this was done I am not exactly sure it wasn't done on the Strat. So if you use the white primer to cover the wood and make the body a consistent white color, you can use about half as much color paint for a uniform top color.

Same May Strat again, and the jack plate nail hole, right next to the jack plate mounting screw. Some people may argue this guitar may have been special ordered Fiesta Red, and was mistakenly sprayed Dakota Red. The more whitish yellow was then sprayed over the sealer coat, as were the red and brown of the Sunburst. Perhaps these guitars were special show models, so extra care was taken in their finish.

It too was sprayed over Sunburst, but with no white primer undercoat. Nitrocellulose lacquer uses a celluloid-based binder. Undercoats were used on guitars for different reason than on automobiles.

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Some, such as Shoreline Gold and Inca Silver, changed in name only. We were already on Chico St. When done, the body was moved to a drying area and left on its nail legs to dry.

Fender used both acrylic and nitrocellulose lacquer in the color coat. May Strat, showing the neck pocket nail hole. The neck pocket on a Jazzmaster. One next to the neck pickup and the other on the cutaway below the pickguard screw. Due to the large number of bodies and necks being painted at any one time, they had no way of keeping track of a particular guitar unless they marked it.

It is unknown exactly how many of these were actually made, but there appears to be many more than previously though. And there was no clear coat over the Red. Hence they just stained all Alder bodies with the yellow, allowing them greater production flexibility. It's pretty hard to screw up those colors.

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And we all know what happens to those old pickguards made of celluloid - they turn to dust with time. Pigment is the what makes the color. Also not all custom color high-end models had a matching color peghead, though they often did. Pigments can be organic or inorganic.