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Groundwater age dating with chlorofluorocarbons health, why is the age of groundwater important?

Groundwater age dating with chlorofluorocarbons

International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna. Due to soil erosion, the contact relationship changed along the slope.

Since nitrate in groundwater records the changes of the land use or human activities at the recharge time, the age-dating allows for reconstruction of nitrate pollution history. The slope is covered by broadleaf woods, conifers and bamboos with a few understories to prevent soil erosion from the upland. Sandy clay layer disappears along the slope towards the valley and the colluvial loam mixing with clay directly covers the Narida sand layer. Although the upstream pear plant has been identified as the major nitrate pollution source, the pollution path has not been well depicted. Principles and application of the noble gas paleothermometer.

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Which constituents can be used to date groundwater?

The topography for the study area is consisted of upland, slope and valley. Noble Gas Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry, J. It is underlain in a sequence by Joso clay layer and Narita sand. In our study area, soil borehole shows that the Joso clay layer is partly mixed by Narida sand.

The use of isotope methods in groundwater protection studies. In addition, as marine sediment, brett wilson dating lisa ray the Narida sand contributes high sea salt to the local groundwater. Paleotemperatures in the southwestern United States derived from noble gas measurements in groundwater. End-members mixing model based on chemical traces is a principal method to clarify stream water and groundwater hydrochemistry and its controlling mechanisms Katsuyama et al.

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Flow dynamics and crustal and mantle He fluxes. It means for a baseflow-dominating headwater catchment, the soil water and groundwater can be treated as a pollutant reservoir to the spring and surface water.

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Different timescales of three flow pathways were identified. Hillslope, as the physical passage connecting the upland cultivated into crop lands and the wetland valley, shows important functions of nutrient leaching Katupitiya et al. In the upland, pear orchard is the dominant land use type. The double-ring infiltration test was performed on the upland to obtain the stable infiltration rate.

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