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On insistence of his friends he visited their office and gave an audition. But this effort was also in vain. But being judicious he joined hands with a person who genuinely wanted to do something for the love of music and Rafi Sahab.

There was a person on the microphone who was calling out people to be a part of the audience. But when the song came on screen it had the essence of stardom. This prompted Manmohan Desai and Laxmikant Pyarelal to officially declare Shabbir Kumar to playback singing for all the songs of the movie Coolie. Her daughter Shifaa has also started singing. Un-altered as expressed by Shabbir Kumar himself.

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Pyar Kiya Hai Pyar Karenge. This inspired him and his interest in music started budding. This song was actually sung by Lata ji and Rafi Sahab. Opera Music Circle was one of the most prestigious orchestra groups in India.

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Usha Khanna, India's first female music director heard Shabbir Kumar in a show and immediately called him for an audition in her office. As the man recalls, this was the first song he had heard remotely somewhere on the radio.

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The Official Website of Shabbir kumar. Songs sung by Shabbir Kumar. This stint however came as a blessing in disguise, during this short stay that lasted months he made friends with some of the best people he could ever know. Bandook Dahej Ke Seeney Par. In Baroda where he used to live, a Radio was a priced possession.

Daughter Rubina Mallick is also a singer. One fine day he got a call from Laxmikant Pyarelal, this was a shocking phone call since this put him in a completely different league of singers.

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Read below the story of the long musical journey. Having a crash course in life, Shabbir had learn to cook, wash clothes, clean his room and above live independently. Shabbir Kumar, the name sent out a strong message to the world that a community or caste does not become a hurdle for a singer.

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Arima Nambi Music Department. Having known Shabbir's forte in singing they used to call him from his house and ask him to sing Movie songs. Geet Milan Ke Gaate Rahenge. In the audition he sang songs of Rafi Sahab and she almost broke into tears in his memory. He started emulating his mom and with time people around started taking notice.

Some of the most interesting facts lesser known to the world. Music Department Soundtrack. As he entered his mid-teens, whenever he used to meet his friends during a local function or a local orchestra, Shabbir used to hum songs of Rafi Sahab. His friends always used to find resemblance in his voice with Rafi Sahab. Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos.

After the first audition in Mumbai, Shabbir Kumar was recalled in the evening at the same location. In the night people from the neighborhood would assemble around tea stalls around the junction. Latest Hindi Songs Lyrics.

Hindi Movie Song Lyrics

In after the death of Rafi Sahab, able preschool games for android Shabbir Kumar was poured in with offers from different show organizers who wanted to cash in on the void that was left after the sudden sad demise. It was only after Shabbir participated in a Singing competition that he came in the limelight and was noticed by the Opera Music Circle.

Shabbir Kumar All Mp3 Songs

No one noticed this though, this moment went down in his heart as his first public performance. This was a full fledged play back recording studio where it would even pick a whisker. His friends immediately pushed him to go on and take the microphone in the hand and entertain people. The biggest testimony he could give the world was that he married a Brahmin girl. Amidst all this Shabbir Kumar continued stage shows in Baroda.

Audible Download Audio Books. Superman Music Department. Music department Soundtrack Self. He learnt some of the toughest lessons in life which made him come through obstacles and difficulties at a very tender age.

Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. But the promise he had given his dad made him pursue studies in this terrible circumstances. How much of Shabbir Kumar's work have you seen?