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On the head right by the Vtec Solenoid. If it were a major problem, the bike would not run. Voltage can be thought of as water. This depends on the motor you're looking to swap. You can't post conmments that contain an email address.

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  2. After tearing out my ecu and looking at the wire did I find this out.
  3. On Ford products it is in small compartment so you will be looking at the front of it where the wire bundle hooks up.
  4. This is a real rough explaination but I hope it makes sense and helps.
  5. And if not then you way have a shorted wire going to the ignition switch.

This sounds like one end is floating not hooked up or bad connection or it's connected to a point of similar voltage. Ride to a Honda dealer and let them hook up a code reader. Ride to a dealer and have them hook up a code reader. Worn camshaft doesn't hold Vtech oil pressure. Can you bypass pressure switch on vtec solenoid?

Haven't looked in my other manuals yet. Hi, I'm not a super mechanic but to me it sounds like your ignition switch may be going out. Soldering only makes the connection more permanent.

Vtec tachometer light diy

It's worth a thousand words. Will it match up with the Block? The ground doesn't need to be regulated like that.

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What is the differense in an Acura Integra gsr and integra ls? Your Lexus sc will crank but will not start? Sounds like it could be the coil or igniter going bad, I would check those out for burns, cracks, corrosion, etc.

Can you swap a vtec for a non vtec? Book says not to run engine if check engine light is blinking. Check engine light still on. The engine light was solid before, but after changing cap and rotor, the check engine light is now blinking. Is there any chance that the Ohms of resistance are too much for this application?

Download a workshop manual for your model and it should give you a diagram. Other than that, simulation any suggestions of resolving misfires? The information is good on what to buy from radio shack except for the tap-in clips which are a piece of crap.

Get a vtec ecu, depending on which engine you have. Buy the part needed and install it yourself or have the dealer do the fix. Heavy gas smell in exhaust, but seems to run ok. All automotive electronics experts are welcome to respond!

And if u use solid wire its easier. Dunno what you mean by switch the pos and neg wires. Where is the ecu on a Mazda miata? To be picky, use a black wire or wire with a line on it for ground, and a red wire to indicate power consistancy just helps later on in life. Double check your install too and make sure you tapped the right wire and everything.

The resistor is not polarized so it doesn't matter which end you use. That only leaves us with number three. Where is the Knock sensor at on a Honda civic si? Shit, maybe I should just take an electrical engineering course so I know this shit, because apparently I've been taught wrong.

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Sounds like your other end might somehow be connected to power. What parts would you need to make a acura integra ls in to a ls vtec? The sensors have detected a small problem in the Fuel Injection system. Just be carefull, cuz you don't want to burn it out.

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How do you wire up v-tec to your ecu

  • Because that really doesn't make any sense to me.
  • So, until I see a diagram or get someone to tell me that I'm using the wrong wire, then I have to go with what I've got.
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  • Finally had a chance to hook up a code reader.
DIY VTEC Indicator Light

As far as the original problem, it sounds like the set up is not grounded properly. Gonna check the timing again. Not finding what you are looking for? It is only found in certain Honda Engines. Yes, the engine can be installed and bolted up.

Injectors Have a red wire that is hot. This is how the resistor regulates the current. Try wiring it up without it first. Just throwing something out there. Did you get the valve timing right when changing the cambelt?

Perhaps I should mention that I've got a Accord. Most are located on the firewall but some are accessed from inside under the dash. Unfortunately, online it was in connector A.

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If I'm right, then the solenoid is fine. So, I'll reject that this is a possibility. Now determine if you want to fix it or have the dealer fix it, hook up based on what the problem is.

Find the correct pin and find the wire that attaches to it. Changed Dist cap and rotor. Minorproblems will still let the bike run. It is an intermittent issue, when it's happening any acceleration just doesn't much happen, when it's not happening, car runs great. Will a Honda Civic engine work in Honda Civic?

Obd1 vtec hook up And VTEC will not engage Ha motorsports
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If I can find them Ill post the resister needed. Trust me, I've done it, it's not cool and can really burn! You can't post answers that contain an email address. Notice the right side has a flat part to the yellow casing, that is another indicator that that lead is ground.

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