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In New Jersey, Luke tells his family he plans to become a psychiatrist. Squires starts to walk into the ocean to kill himself.

Another client of Luke's shows up and while getting drunk and high, they get kicked out for underage drinking. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are also good examples!

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Justin later contacts Steph asking if she wants to hang out. Luke starts dealing more marijuana to make money for his family. Squires, he bumps into Steph and invites her to come with him dealing around the city. When Luke gets home, he finds he has strong feelings for her.

There are also a wide variety of different reactions to that news. Be sure to share with your friends! When people first see a person in one very specific way, any change to that appearance at all is likely to make people suspect something is going on. We have included a fun poll for you to vote in below. Other celebs who have experienced this phenomenon include Jake Gyllenhaal and Enrique Iglesias.

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Take George Clooney, for example. Luke goes to Fire Island to seek counseling with Dr. Steph has a great time and gives Luke her number so she will not be lonely in the city for the summer.

Luke visits Steph for companionship, but as she greets him at the door, Justin appears, to Luke's dismay, leaving with his heart broken. Squires for help selling pot because he needs to make enough money for college. Squires and they go out to a bar.

Squires and his wife are going to try to fix their relationship on a second honeymoon. Squires are walking from the bar and start tagging a wall but are apprehended by the police. After taking a shower and having sex together, feng shui matchmaking Luke tells Steph that he loves her.

Again, the ambiguity can be a major source of pink whispers! Squires wishes him good luck and tells him goodbye. Luke phones Steph but ends up talking to Dr.

As Luke is leaving, Steph follows him to the elevator to talk to him. He flicks the joint at the camera and the movie cuts to black as the credits roll. Luke goes in after him to save him.

Luke and Steph end up kissing. She reacts with astonishment and it's obvious to the viewer, although not to Luke that she's not looking for that kind of relationship with him. When Luke returns home, he finds his parents arguing over money and their probable eviction. They both end up back on the beach, alive, more sober, and cracking jokes. Squires is on a bender because of his now inevitable divorce and invites Luke to join him.

Squires and asks him what he's doing tonight. At the island, Steph finds out Luke is a virgin and offers to give him sex lessons. Steph bails them out of jail and, against Dr. He tells his father to be a man and do something about it. Squires to his client, Eleanor, and they hit it off.

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Luke's family gets evicted and is forced to stay with his grandparents in New Jersey.

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