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Shifu has trained the Furious Five in Kung Fu, but they'll still rely on his help when they're in trouble. The Game is a video game loosely based on the film of the same name. After collecting a number of coins at the end of each level, the player has the option to buy upgrades to Po's moves and health, as well as a different set of new outfits. Po develops his own unique style of Kung Fu based on strength, weight, clumsiness, and size. Shifu receives word from Zheng, his messenger, that Tai Lung escaped from prison and is coming for the Dragon Scroll, the key to ultimate power.

Secrets of the Scroll Panda Paws. Learn new moves through scrolls. Po, wandering the Lands, is looking for s way back to the Palace, but not before stumbling upon Tai Lung's training grounds and finding the Lair of the Wu Sisters. This article is out of universe from Kung Fu Panda. Shrek the Halls Monsters vs.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Use her powerful claws of fury, jumping and spinning to take on opponents many times her size. With his tiny size he just might be able to get the drop on Tai Lung. Add an image Add a caption! Although his status is initially doubted, Po proves himself worthy as he strives to fulfill his destiny and learn about his past with his new friends.

In the game, you will play in Po's awesome dream of becoming a Kung Fu master! Po now lives his dream as a kung fu master and protects the Valley of Peace alongside the Furious Five. The Palace holds legendary relics from across history, including the Dragon Scroll, which holds the ultimate Kung Fu secret, www microsoft office 2007 the key to limitless power.

Jennifer Yuh Nelson and Alessandro Carloni. Arena Spectacular is an in-progress live arena show, featuring characters from the Kung Fu Panda.

Locked away from others sand howls into the evening from gigantic wolf statues. Who knows what secrets this area holds? The four friends realize that they now have a new destiny - to save the world from an impending evil with their newfound Kung Fu powers. Secrets of the Furious Five.

Tai Lung fights an defeats Shifu and demands he give up the Dragon Scroll. Ping that he was adopted as an infant. Po realizes that the same implies with the Dragon Scroll and that he has to believe he's the Dragon Warrior.

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Unfortunately, his weight and clumsiness makes this ambition seemingly unattainable. This article needs additional citations for verification.

He is able to invade the Lair and defeat the Wu Sisters and finds a map back to the Palace. International Animated Film Society.

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Shifu can use his amazing jumping abilities and lightning quick Kung Fu to pull off incredible moves and tackle many foes. Not only does he possess great wisdom and power, he is an accomplished Kung Fu guru and has lightning fast bursts of speed. Shifu refuses, saying he'd rather die than give it to him.

This subject has been distinguished as part of the real world and therefore should not be taken as part of the fictional universe of the Kung Fu Panda franchise. For the film, see Kung Fu Panda. Po, a clumsy, overweight panda, is a kung fu fanatic who lives in the Valley of Peace and works in his goose father Mr.

Kung Fu Panda (video game)

Po eventually discovers that Li had deceived him because the pandas had forgotten at all about how to manipulate the Chi and he just wanted to protect his son from Kai, much to Po's disappointment. Face off against the baddest ninja cats around, the Wu Sisters. Also the Furious Five are captured by various gangs, only to be saved by Po. Po soon learns that he must fight Tai Lung, an evil kung fu warrior who has escaped from prison to take revenge for being denied the Dragon Scroll, and despairs he will be unable to defeat him.


Take part in puzzle games with friends to challenge your mind. Afterwards, the Valley celebrates Po's victory. Showdown of Legendary Legends. It is the ambition of both companies to give the show the appropriate amount of time it needs to recognize its fullest creative potential.

Po and Shifu then head to Wudang Mountains to find some relics of Master Oogway, but they discover that Great Gorilla and his soldiers have got their first. After returning to the Valley of Peace, Po spends his days spreading the teachings of Chi. Po arrives in time and takes on Tai Lung himself.

Adventure across treacherous terrain to fight against numerous skilled enemies. Legends of Awesomeness is an animated television series based on the Kung Fu Panda film series, set between the first two films. After his training is complete, Po is given the Dragon Scroll, which he discovers to be blank. After a fierce duel, Po uses the Wuxi Finger Hold and defeats him. To everyone's surprise, Oogway chooses Po, who had accidentally stumbled into the tournament arena after arriving late.

All auditions have been postponed indefinitely. Po intervenes and lands in the center of the palace and is chosen as the Dragon Warrior. That would certainly be useful if it were true. Build up your chi from finding energy left by defeated enemies.

The Palace has stood for a long time, but what would happen were it attacked? However, the notorious Croc gang are not far away.

Shifu fends off the Wolves and the Gorillas, rescues the Five and sends them back to the Palace. Then, go beyond the movie as you experience Kung Fu awesomeness like never before on your quest to become the legendary Dragon Warrior. Refusing to believe that Po can be the Dragon Warrior, Shifu subjects Po to torturous training exercises in order to discourage him into quitting. The Game takes you on an action-packed adventure from the movie and beyond.

It is rumored that Master Shifu's power is so great he can jump across great chasms landing on clouds. Po trains with Master Shifu after being chosen. With the help of his tail, big jumps, and quick Kung Fu, he's also able to get to places that Po can't. There are even weapons Po can use hidden on some levels. This article is about the video game.