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Check out the list below to see which Lil Wayne songs have been the biggest of his still-dynamic career arc. Who ever heard of a rapper doing anything remotely like this? Why is it the most correct? The pussy in Wayne's mouth has him lost for words, indeed. Make It Rain Fat Joe feat.

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To ensure equitable representation of the biggest hits from each era, certain time frames were weighted to account for the difference between turnover rates from those years. Since Birdman took Lil Wayne under his wing, the Cash Money rappers have proven there's much value in a father and son relationship. Right Above It Lil Wayne feat.

The song, featuring Bobby V crooning the siren-sounding hook, was Weezy's seventh song from the No.

What do rappers do, if not exactly this? The result was another Hot hit for both artists. Since stepping into the rap game at nine years old, the rapper has garnered a heavy pocketful of fans with his canny wordplay and animated double-entendres. It didn't, and Khaled's superstar friends gave him yet another hit.

Turnin Me On Keri Hilson feat. As for the older stuff, I'm of the opinion that Wayne has steadily gotten better over his career. Again and again in the Year of Lil Wayne, I began to write about this song before stepping away and deciding I needed more time to do it justice. Lil Wayne takes the third quarter here, while Eminem blacks out during the finale to easily win the game.

Wayne's output has slowed considerably from that frenzied era, and, besides, a lot of his new stuff hasn't had time to settle in the same way. Duffle Bag Boy Playaz Circle feat. It's indisputable that Lil Wayne is among an elite group of artists that can turn an ordinary song into a hit, whether the song is his own or another's. The singer's smooth mid-tempo beat took fans and radio by storm quickly thereafter, as it made its way to No. And what better way to look back on everything than with a dang list?

But when it comes to the historical record, weirdo Weezy gets the edge. As the best rapper alive, Wayne was uniquely positioned to usher melody and Auto-Tune into rap's mainstream.

Motivation Kelly Rowland feat. It sounds so ugly, the belching id of the club in the last days before the recession. Big Tymers, Juvenile, and B. Like a dream, you can hear it a million times and come away from it with only a vague memory of the lyrics until the next time, when they immediately re-reveal their brilliant, familiar economy. It shouldn't work that way, but it does.

He is an otherworldly, mischief-making, sex-crazed sprite, popping bottles and careening through hip-hop as he remakes it in his image. Let It Rock Kevin Rudolf feat. Songs are ranked based on an inverse point system, with weeks at No. Second of all because it is my personal opinion, and my opinion is always right.

Everyone has their favorite Lil Wayne songs, and these are mine. It sounds like an orgy on Mars. It sounds like a party about to fall off the edge of the Milky Way. It's this version that went beyond proving Wayne's brilliance to lay the blueprint for so many ensuing trends in pop music.

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Khaled's hip-hop summit featured a slithering beat, Drake hopscotching between crooning and spitting, Rick Ross in full Bawse mode and Weezy comparing himself to Pat Reilly. There are quite a few lists of the best Lil Wayne songs floating around out there, but this is the most correct one. And yet it also sounds sublimely pretty, the promise of technology in the first days of a dawning digital era.

For all its apparent simplicity, it is a swirling world of chaos, where rules collapse under its wily sonic logic. Can't Believe It T-Pain feat.

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But the beautiful thing about Lil Wayne is that everybody has their own idea of what constitutes the official record. So you might not want to use this list as the definitive guide to understand the entire arc of Wayne's career. Well, first of all because I spent a year thinking about the best Lil Wayne songs every single day. The spaces in those synths are just too cavernous, valerius whenever and the straightforwardness is just too confounding. Gimme That Chris Brown feat.

And third of all because what is the point of a list if not to make people mad? Conceptually, the music is never out of reach. It sounds like a robot love story in space.

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Before Lil Wayne got money and T. And in a nice twist of Martian poetry, the weirdest Lil Wayne song is also the most popular Lil Wayne song. They float against the stars, painting weightless vapor trails, dipping and diving in balletic sine waves.

Maybe it's just getting the top honors in this list because it was the one Wayne song I put off writing about the longest. But I promise that if you listen to these songs, you will walk away happy with what you heard. Lil Wayne is an artist whose work can be enjoyed immediately, without explanation. Follow Kyle Kramer on Twitter.