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Loveshack Dating Forum Need A Good Dating Headline

It made me feel good on the rare occasion when someone came on there with a big real-life problem instead of one in their head and the forum was able to really support them and show them the way out. It takes all the humor out of it.

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Another thing is you can't judge that a person is a loser because they post a lot. These people aren't idle or losers. You really want to act like she's nothing because she posts good advice for you on a regular basis? Another was a professional, and she posted excellent advice. They're smarter than you and a lot more productive, should i go on a dating site after a breakup apparently.

And as they said over and over, they had to go by the owner's rules. These people were just like a rat on a wheel, hoping to somehow get what they want with no effort or taking responsibility for their own situations. If I do, I'll come on here and let people know. There was an app but it was hard to read on. Broken records who would never take advice, who thought everyone in the world was wrong and they were right, would never seek professional help, as is too often the case of people who need it worst.

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This would mostly be people I found annoying or who challenged everything anyone said. Some of us type as fast as we think. My biggest gripe is I think adults should be able to use the same cuss words you can see nightly on prime time tv, as long as they're used passively rather than for name calling at the person. Might anyway sometime when I'm not so busy.

It's worth putting up with all the rest if you think you might have really made a difference in one person's life.

What I liked least, people who came on there making basically the same post over and over, got sound advice, ignored it, and kept posting hoping for someone, anyone, who agreed with them. They need someone to be honest with them instead of just sympathizing because they're their own worst enemy.

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