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The section with dissemination plan can be omitted, but adding a few lines would be useful. We also recommend submitting several times. This means that the full proposal should include a detailed description of activities performed in each country. Evaluation of proposals completed. Proposals must stick to the headings in the template.

It is the applicant's responsibility to set aside enough time to enter all necessary information in the submission system. It is also possible to include this in the project description instead of uploading it as a separate file.

Call text to be published. Full proposals are required. If you feel that the template asks for information that you have entered elsewhere cross-referencing could be a solution.

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Applications had to be submitted to the Research Council of Norway. Definitions of eligible costs can also be found by following the link above.

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When an updated version of your proposal is ready you can submit again. Applications must be submitted to the Research Council of Norway. Only sketches of how the projects will look like are required. Once you have categorized your project or your work packages it is time to look at the funding rate. Project grants will be given in accordance with the State aid rules.

Tables showing budget and financing for each partner and for the total project. In many cases a project can easily be classified as belonging to one of these four categories. Not possible to change coordinator Not possible to change from industrial partner to university partner Bringing in partners from countries with low over-Subscription is encouraged. Once you have uploaded a draft proposal it is a good idea to submit it.

It is the applicant's responsibility to provide the necessary information to ensure that State aid rules will be respected. The information above applies for Norway.

First you have to classify your project according to the categories specified in the State aid rules. Submission Proposals submitted after the deadline will not be accepted!

Evaluation Criteria were specified in a separate document. Fundamental research Experimental development Feasibility studies You will find the definition of each category by following the link above. There was a two stage application process.

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In other cases it is more difficult, because some work packages of a project may fall into one of the categories while other work packages falls into another category. The font size and margins in the template must not be changed. It wa recommended to read the Guidelines. However, it is also possible not to use this copy function and start from scratch instead.

Template The templates in the annexes to the call text must be used. There is a two stage application process. This could be useful and save time.

State Aid Rules Project grants will be given in accordance With state aid rules. Repetitions should be avoided.

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You have to enter the budget and financing plan for your project directly into tables in the submission system. You can find information on that in the Call text. These funding rates may be increased if certain criteria are met. This means that details from the phase one application will automatically be copied into the phase two application. If you are interested in this upcoming opportunity, denver dating service you are encouraged to contact your national contact point and may do so already before formal publication of the call.