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The lyrics relate to life on the streets and gang activity, something Jackson was very detached from. After all, when you get a message song from Michael Jackson, you can't be too surprised when it's burdened by a broad but shallow sense of right and wrong and good and evil. Katy Perry's Teenage Dream equaled the mark with five No. The final single taken from his final album was co-written by British musician Marsha Ambrosius, one half of London soul act Floetry.

Reports at the time claimed that it was in relation to his close friend Diana Ross, but this was later denied. He enjoys anything that crawls or flies. If this is the right tune, I can utilize what you have in your singing. We want to better help you understand how and why we use your data.

Top 10 Michael Jackson Songs of the 80s Part 1

The song's video remains memorable for its pioneering use of morphing technology and subsequently deleted scenes of Jackson violently smashing car windows against a backdrop of racist graffiti. Written and co-produced by R. The pair, however, couldn't come to an agreement on the song's direction and the singers parted ways. At the same time, Jackson was obsessed with Prince, whom he saw as genuine competition.

And for most of the decade, it was Jackson's only Number One solo hit. But what a glorious period that was, and this song remains a very pure kind of pleasure three decades after its release. This single was the fourth released from the set and peaked at No.

He's just never really been all that complicated. The music video generated controversy for sexually suggestive material in the latter part of the clip.

Arrow Created with Sketch. The music video including dancing gang members is one of the top music videos of all time.

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Michael's album Invincible may have been overlooked over the years, but there were some genuinely great moments. Davis was worried that year-old Michael might not understand the pain in the lyrics. Past, Present and Future, Book I. Planet Earth was pretty into them as well.

It's one of the few voices that could do the melody justice. The presence of Siedah Garrett on the track was a last-minute decision by Jackson and Quincy Jones, after the first two choices for the duet, Barbra Streisand and Whitney Houston, both declined.

Ironically, though Michael and Jermaine Jackson share lead on the song, neither appears in the clip, which was choreographed by Paula Abdul. Reportedly Barbra Streisand and Whitney Houston were first choices as duet partners for the song, but they turned it down.

She was played by dancer Tatiana Thumbtzen, and in the video, Jackson seduces her with his dancing. Later the same day, Jackson called writer co-writer Buz Kohan explaining he had wept while watching the performance. The song was presented to Jackson in a demo with vocals from Marsha Ambrosius of the group Floetry, who was also one of the song's writers.

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It remained a fixture of nearly every performance he gave for the rest of his life. He also later confirmed that it was not about Diana, Princess of Wales, though he was told personally by the Princess that it was her favourite song of his. Quincy Jones had planned to record the song with Frank Sinatra, but Jackson got a shot instead and dug deep for a stunning version.

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Its iconic gangster-inspired video featured Michael and his dancers perform a seemingly impossible forward lean, aerobics dance exercise created using strings and wires. Did Michael sleep in a hyperbaric chamber? It is one of the most inspirational songs in Michael Jackson's catalog.

While the song was being mixed, Jackson's eight-foot-long boa constrictor, Muscles, slithered across the console. The recording was produced by George Martin, the legendary British producer who worked with the Beatles throughout their career. American Idol season nine finalist Michael Lynche introduced the song to a new generation with his faithful rendition. It is also considered one of the last hits of the disco era. During a visit to Neverland, producers L.

The lead single from Jackson's studio album Invincible peaked at No. It is about a predatory woman by the name of Susie, who seduces Jackson before plotting to stab him with a knife.

The single entered the Hot at No. But ultimately it's up to Jackson to take the song beyond mere pleasantry, with his soaring, one-of-a-kind performance.

Top 20 Michael Jackson Songs

Much of that majesty, of course, stems directly from Jackson's stunning, calculated vocal presentation. The writing and production team of Rod Temperton and Quincy Jones worked together on three songs on Michael Jackson's next album Thriller. Late in the sessions, Jones was still hunting for songs, so Toto sent over a couple of demos.

And at one point, the speakers overloaded and caught on fire. Jackson had reached a breaking point after being accused of sexual molestation.

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