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The colony is full of comical characters very typical of Vamsy's films. They start of as enemies but become good friends without knowing that they are roommates too. All the rights are reserved to the audio company. We found all the links by mining the net.

Avunu Valliddaru Istapaddaru (Various) Songs

Satyanandam Jeeva stays in the colony and takes care of a house of his friend living in America, collecting rent for him. Satyanandam is a miser trying to make money by what ever means he can. These are provided to give users the idea of best music.

Avunu, gilbert becaud nathalie mp3 Valliddaru Ishta Paddaru! The songs here are for promotional purpose only. He leaves a letter in the room telling her that he is deserting Swathi and going after a rich girl.

Pogadamaku Atiga Song Lyrics From Avunu Valliddaru Istapaddaru

Both keep communicating through letters and become good friends, gradually falling in love without seeing each other. She expresses her dilemma to Anil as a friend, without any knowledge that it is with him that she is in love actually. Swathi comes across the letter, and learns that someone else has been staying in her room without her knowledge. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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We neither upload nor host any of these files. About Me D View my complete profile. Raviteja Kalyani Prasanna Krishna Bhagavan. But she takes a liking for Anil's honesty and lets him stay in her house when she is not there.

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The interaction of these characters with each other and the humorous situations that arise form the backbone to the movie's story line. Swathi Kalyani stays in that house and works in a software firm. One day, Anil comes to know that the friend he has been meeting outside is none other than his own roommate Swathi, but does not reveal this to her, wanting to surprise her at the time of marriage. Yes, they both like each other!

Potti Raju Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao keeps making several attempts to start his own business but always ends up in a loss. Anil agrees and moves into the house. Anil realises that Swathi's family would benefit from her marriage with Anand. As a friend he comforts Swathi and convinces her to marry Anand.

His crazy brother-in-law Krishna Bhagavan keeps creating trouble for him and others in the colony. Morampudi Anil Kumar Ravi Teja is a well-educated but unemployed youth who comes to the city in search of a job.

Anil and Swathi also happen to meet in a restaurant when she accidentally accuses him of stealing her purse. Anil is impressed by the way the room is decorated and artfully arranged and understands that the lady staying there has a very good taste. Satyanandam is interested in collecting a second rent for himself and offers the house to Anil on the condition that he can stay there only during the day, without Swathi's knowledge.

Anand, the brother of Swathi's office manager takes a liking for her, and sends his father to her adopted parents in the village seeking alliance. We aren't aware of any copyright infringements. After a month, Anil accidentally breaks Swathi's porcelain artefact in the room and writes a letter to her apologising for his mistake. The washer-man Mallikarjuna Rao sells his crazy ideas to people. However, Swathi comes to know the truth in the end through Anil's friend and they unite.

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Buy original cd's and cassetes from the nearest store. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Anil starts looking for a room to stay in a nearby colony. The film's music is composed by Chakri.