Wwe Summerslam Theme Song

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Swagger was aggressive early on with a clothesline outside the ring. Cass attacked Amore, resulting in Big Show retaliating. Rusev was limping around selling the Patriot Lock on his left foot. Money in the Bank Baron Corbin.

They've found a formula - clapping their way to the top with skipping, singing, and dancing - that has worked beyond anyone's imagination. Rollins beat up Sin Cara just for fun. The hype for the rematch between these two was huge. Lesnar brawled with him right away.

Wwe summerslam theme song 2018

Back in the ring, Cesaro hit a gutwrench suplex. Rollins has pleasantly surprised himself with how well he has done there, as he has generated natural heat from the crowd as a heel. It captures that time perfectly to me. There was no reason for Orton to go over.

Mahal, Cena and Corbin interact, Usos vs. Orton threw Reigns into the barricade.

Lesnar nailed him with punches again. Ambrose went to the top, but Rollins tripped him up. Triple H came down to the ring.

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Styles then asked Shane if he was going to use that against him to screw him over at SummerSlam. These guys wrestled a lot and are very close friends.

Rusev kicking Colter after the match was a good way to get him some quick heat. Rollins tried to run away. He took a beating when Lesnar hit him with those German suplexes a few times.

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If you thought Cesaro was getting a big singles push after winning the Andre Battle Royal at WrestleMania, you were wrong. Brie came back by trying to apply the Yes Lock, but Stephanie escaped outside the ring.

Rollins stepped up on the big stage and put on a tremendous performance. Hulk left, so he was there for about two minutes.

10 Best WWE theme songs of all time

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Brock Lesnar made his entrance along with Paul Heyman. Jumping spin kick by Rusev. The song is dark and dramatic with theatrics weaved all in one.

10 Best WWE theme songs of all time

Cass then performed a big boot on Big Show for a near-fall. Roman Reigns entered through the crowd as usual and had on a vest that was a bit different looking with some blue color along with the black. In my post on Facebook, it was obvious that this was the number one answer. Today, fans download the music effortlessly and it is a part of their playlists. Shane McMahon responds to Owens head butting his father Mr.

The song has been doctored over the years, with minor changes. The song had that main event feel to it and presented Hart as a larger than life Superstar. No surprise that the video was awesome. Owens then began to argue with Shane. With Cena selling it like he was hurt, Lesnar hit another German Suplex that led to Cena landing on his neck again.

Back in the ring, Miz applied the Figure Four Leglock and Ziggler got to the ropes for the break after about one minute in the hold. Lesnar was on offense for most of it.

Cass continued to attack Amore after the match, after which, Big Show came out, but Cass also laid him out. Championship Open Challenge which was answered by Kevin Owens. Back in the ring, chinlock time by Orton. Reigns tried a comeback with a sleeper, but Orton dropped back to stun him.

Big punch to the face by Ziggler followed by a superkick for two. Lesnar rolled through to counter. Rusev did an awesome job of selling the ankle injury the whole match, even when he was on offense. The crowd did dueling chants for Cena again.

When Cena tried to fight back again, Lesnar took him down. Another rematch was scheduled for Hell in a Cell, which Orton won. The ref rang the bell anyway. Reigns performed a spear on Lesnar for a near-fall.

Natalya claimed that Naomi did not respect the Hart family and that she would bring honor to the championship at SummerSlam. The event featured eight championship matches, the most for a SummerSlam event, where five of the titles changed hands. Immediately after, Angle stated that he was unsure of who would be facing Lesnar at SummerSlam, but he would deal with the matter the following week. Even at the start, of car racing games for windows 7 the group looked dull with their gospel theme music and happy-go-lucky attitude.

10 Best WWE theme songs of all time

The music gets fans going, makes them groan. During Orton's entrance, Rusev attacked Orton. The ref called for the bell since Swagger was knocked out.

Wwe summerslam theme song 2018

There are so many theme songs that we all like. His theme music throughout the years symbolises evolution and that is exactly what The Phenom has done in his twenty five plus year career.